Property List (Librazhd)

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Gas Stations


Location :

Librazhd, Librazhd, TB-GS-002.

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Description :

The property is located in Qafe Thane, next to bar-restaurant-hotel Odessa (three storey building). The subject property is a land plot occupied with a gas station, a small building used as an office/service area, and a car wash which is out of use. The plot of the subject property has no fence, yet on its northern side it is surrounded by a B/A retaining wall with a height of H>2.0m which purpose is to prevent any possible landslide. The whole plot area is paved with pavement slabs. The gas station has one pump with three pistols and a metal awning covering it. It has also a device which has served for gas filling.
Price : € 96326
  • No Kitchen
  • No Garden
  • No Garage